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You’ll be directed to your Dashboard when you sign in and click My AccountGo to Listing Info to get started. In four simple steps your listing will be live. Get started now.


Click on General Info on the top tab above Title.

Enter the Title of your business as you want it to read on your listing.

Choose a Category that best fits your business. If you’re not sure, choose the best fit and reach out to us to help you decide or we may want to add a category for you.

Enter your Description. Be sure to include key words that users would search for to find you. For example, if you are in the fashion category but you specialize in golf clothing, make sure the word golf is in your description so users can find you more easily.

Click Update Info


Choose Contact Info from the tab at the top.

Enter all of your information. If you do not have a website or social media channels, those can be left blank.

Click Update Info.


Choose Images on the top row of tabs.

Upload three Slider Images that will be shown at the top of your listing page by clicking Add to Gallery at the bottom of the box. Try to make these all the same size. You can choose things like a photo of you, your logo, a photo or photos that represent what you do or photos of your products. You can use images that you find on your website to keep your branding the same. Upload these to the box that is labeled Slider Images. Photos will be auto cropped to 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall. If they don’t look right, edit them before uploading.

In the box labeled Images, upload 5 – 10 photos, depending on the package your signed up for, using the link Add to Gallery. These would be different than the Slider Images but choose the same as suggested above.

Click Update Info.


Click Location on the top row of tabs. Enter your address if that is imperative to your business but it is not required.  We do ask that you put in your zip code so we can show the area where you are located, and users can search by zip code to find you.

Click Update Info.

Next to the Edit (Title of Your Business) click View Online to see what you page looks like. All of these items can be changed or updated at any time.

Congrats!!! You are now live and listed on the The Nantucket Collective. If you need help adjusting anything on your listing, please reach out. If you have friends and clients who’ve used you, please have them leave you a review. Let’s go!!!